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Welcome to Preferred Imaging and Premier Health Services. We are committed to offering our patients the ultimate experience in diagnostic testing. Each Preferred Imaging center offers a different theme from an English Garden, to a stroll through a Mediterranean Town, an exciting Underwater Experience, to a relaxing Fall Lakeside View, a fun-filled Children’s Sandcastle on a tropical beach or a breathtaking Hilltop View of a Tuscan Vineyard. Our centers are designed to offer patients the ultimate diagnostic experience.

We want you to feel right at home. Comfortable and confident, knowing you are surrounded by some of the best health care professionals in the industry. Consumers have the right to make choices when it comes to their medical care and diagnostic testing. Preferred Imaging is dedicated to providing consumers with the information they need to fully understand the testing processes their physicians recommend. If you have any questions, first take a look at our frequently asked questions tab (FAQ) and then give us a call. We are here for you.

You are welcome to download and complete your forms and bring them with you to make your check-in process a little faster. Otherwise our front desk staff is happy to walk you through the forms.

We look forward to seeing you.

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