Patient Preparation

MRI Scan - No Preparation Required

For comfort, wear loose clothing without metal buttons or closures. Patients with pacemakers aneurysm clips in the brain, certain ear implants, implanted neuro-stimulators, or metallic fragments in one or both eyes or other surgically implanted devices should check with the imaging center prior to the exam.

MRI Scan-Abdomen

Follow directions above and patient must be NPO 6 hours prior to exam.

CT Scan

Patient must be NPO 4 hours prior to your exam. Patients must arrive 1 hour early for contrast. For patients 60 or older, we must have lab values on B.U.N./Creatinine.

Ultrasound - Abdomen Sonogram

Nothing to drink after midnight the night before the exam. For all pelvic/OB sonograms, drink at least 4 glasses of water or juice one hour before the exam. Do not urinate before the exam because a full bladder is required.

Xray - No preparation required