Online Images and Reports

Physicians, Click Here to access images and reports.  Click here to login now for Images reports completed prior to 02/01/2015.

We are delighted to offer your practice upgraded access patient information and study results. We have recently purchased the FUJI Referring Practice Portal from FUJI as a way to further improve our service to you and your patients. To begin, please select the appropriate login icon above or to the left, based on the date of service for the study.

We can now provide a secure window into the clinical imaging workflow of your patients. You will receive real-time information on patient images, reports, and exam status. This information is easily accessed through the internet from your office, hospital or home and reduces the need for your front office staff to call to determine the status of the exam you have ordered. An important aspect of our new system is that it allows you emergency access to view reports and images of your patients who may have received their testing under the referral of a different physician.

As technology continues to advance, we strive to provide our referring physicians with a higher level of service.

The key benefits of the online images are:

  • Faster report / image turnaround

    • Reports and images are available to your practice as soon as they are completed. You can schedule follow up visits sooner and keep your patients happy by reducing their wait time on results.
  • Improved report/image availability

    • Not only are the reports available immediately, they are also available wherever they are needed. This eliminates the need to receive a faxed report or delivered images. Your practice can see all of the information from your office, the hospital, or even from home.
    • Eliminates lost film and reports.
  • Easier secondary/emergency read capabilities

    • The new FUJI system grants physicians emergency access to the system. This allows a physician to read reports and view images on a patient who is in an emergency room or under the care of an unavailable physician.
    • This type of report increases ease of collaboration with colleagues, because it also allows a physician to "send" information to a colleague for a secondary read when desired.
  • Improved patient satisfaction

    • Your practice can view or show patients the images and reports from a computer monitor in your office or hospital, greatly increasing the patient's satisfaction. In addition, the use of "high-tech" information systems gives patients a positive impression of your practice.